Joong Oh Rhee

Joong Oh Rhee was born in Iri City (now Iksan City), Korea in 1937.  He studied medicine at Seoul National University and immigrated to the U.S. in February 1968 to complete his internship at Charles S. Wilson Memorial Hospital in Johnson City, New York.  He then did his residency in Psychiatry and continued to work until his retirement as a clinical professor in Psychiatry at SUNY at Buffalo.  In 2000, a professional newspaper in Seoul selected him as one of top twenty Korean intellectuals in the world.  He now lives in Clermont, Floria with his wife.  He has two children and two grandchildren.

Click on a video below to learn more about some of Joong Oh Rhee's experiences:

Joong Oh Rhee shares his family's experiences during the Korean War.  Running time 4:15.

Interview date 3/17/16

Joong Oh Rhee, along with four other narrators, reflects on his Korean-American identity.  Running time 5:10.

JO Rhee interview date 3/17/16