Korea Under Japanese Colonial Rule

Japan ruled Korea as a colony from 1910 to the end of the World War II, with the period from 1932 to 1945 being the harshest and most repressive.  Farmers were required to surrender most, if not all, of their rice crops for export to Japan.  The Japanese also banned the teaching of the Korean language and forced Koreans to take Japanese names.  During World War II, Japan exploited millions of Koreans as resources for the Empire.

Click on a video below to learn about a narrator's experiences during this time period:

Chan Eai Pae shares her mother's experiences in a small village during the Japanese Colonial Period.  WARNING:  This video contains emotional content.  Running time 3:25.

Kon Ho Cho shares some of his family's experiences during World War II (1940-45), which was at the end of the Japanese Colonial Period.  Running time 4:34.