Kon Ho Cho

Kon Ho Cho was born in 1937 on Kanghwa Island, Korea.  He studied Chemical Engineering at Seoul National University and immigrated to the United States in 1964.  He received a Masters Degree from Auburn University and a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University.  He made his career as an engineer at AT&T and also pursued other business ventures in South Korea and the United States.  He now lives in Holmdel, NJ with his wife, Chan S. Cho.  He has two children and three grandchildren.

Click on a video below to learn about some of Kon Ho Cho's experiences:

Kon Ho Cho shares some of his family's experiences during World War II (1940-45), which was at the end of the Japanese Colonial Period.  Running time 4:34.

Interview date 11/03/15

Kon Ho Cho shares his experiences as a boy soldier during the Korean War.  Running time 4:49.
WARNING:  This video contains difficult content and may not be suitable for children.  

Interview date 11/03/15

Kon Ho Cho reflects on the effects of the Korean War on his village, South Korea and his own life.  Running time 4:11.

Interview date 12/15/15

Kon Ho Cho, along with four other narrators, reflects on his Korean-American identity today.  Running time 5:10.

KH Cho interview date 2/29/16